Vibrant structure for RIBA MIPIM


This temporary structure for the RIBA MIPIM lounge provides a vibrant, joyful sculptural space for visitors to the world’s leading property expo. The design by Drasci Studio was created with 160 modules of honeycomb cardboard and occupies a 200 square metre area. The boxes are fixed together using interlocking cardboard pieces, and prototyping of the assemblage revealed the necessity for additional structural measures to negate the potential for distortion or movement.


The global stability of the system is ensured by using weights suspended from a series of pre-stressed bungee cords attached to the boxes. This prevents the development of tensile stresses in horizontal joints associated with lateral forces and also increases friction at the base of the system to avoid sliding. Local stability is achieved by mobilising tensile capacity of the outer skin around the corners and by inserting flat boards in the boxes.


Architect: Drasci Studio

Photography: Carlo Drasci

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