Wolseley Sustainable Building Centre

A visitor centre and display unit for sustainable building products distributed by the Wolseley group. The building was conceived as a kit of parts, utilising the products marketed by the company. The intention was to use environmentally friendly building materials throughout. The project was an opportunity to demonstrate the use of products and methods of construction that are developed to minimise the depletion of natural resources and embodied energy. This philosophy was carried through into the construction of the project with materials sourced locally where possible and waste reduced through the implementation of a waste management scheme.



Wolseley Group


Shortlisted, Sustain Magazine Awards, Property & Built Environment: Design & Architecture Award for Construction, 2009

Edie (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange), Award for Environmental Excellence: Best Sustainable Construction Project, 2008

ICE West Midlands (Institute of Civil Engineers) Innovation Award, 2008


Leamington Spa

Project value

£3.2 million