Plashet School Footbridge

Plashet Lane Secondary School in East London is bisected by a busy main road. A 70 metre footbridge curves and rises across this barrier to link the main school buildings. The structure is simplified into a pair of deep steel parapet beams made by rolling standard sections horizontally then heat bending them vertically. A cloister-like enclosure is formed by asymmetrical Teflon coated glass-fibre canopies arranged between steel arch rings. The bridge deck has a plate steel gazebo enclosure at mid-span. Used daily by children and erected within a functioning school the structure was closely reviewed for safety in use and the construction method planned out to avoid accident.


London Borough of Newham


RIBA Award 2001

Certificate of Merit, Structural Steel Design Awards 2001

Commendation, Civic Trust Awards 2002

Runner up for BCIA Small Projects Awards and The Prime Ministers Award


Plaistow, London

Project value